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Hey there!

Owning multiple websites can help you rank other websites higher in google and the other search engines.

The stronger the websites the better.

SirTomm here and I have a grand offer for you.

Are you looking for Powerful Expired Domains for PBN ? Don't worry I will provide you with best expired domains with clean backlink profiles.

I manually verify the domains and check for spam for all my clients to make sure they end up with clean, strong and available domains.

To do this I use:

  • Majestic
  • MOZ
  • Archive.

And check for spam, backlinks, CF, TF, DA, andPA and so make sure it is a strong domain!

Domain Metrics You Will Get

The stats are as follows based on Majestic and MOZ are:

TF: 20+

CF: 20+

PA: 20+

DA: 10-30

I'll provide .com, .net, .org, .info, .us,,  .de, .fr,,  .tv, .ca domains 

Here are sample screenshots of domains we have provided to our clients:

We guarantee 100% customer satisfactionon all Orders

We look forward assisting you!!

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over 6 years ago
Had to work with the seller on a couple of replacements but over all did a great job! Just have to know what to look for in domains when buying
over 6 years ago
This guy has stolen my money, am waiting for my domains since september 12, and that's the last time I heard this seller, I tried to ask for refund in paypal but the seller isn't responding,. I've lost my $40 ,. but you guys still have a chance to save yourselves.
over 6 years ago

Hi, kindly dont mislead people, i told you your money was held by Paypal for investigation and you still went ahead and put such a comment? kindly withdraw your statement

almost 7 years ago
Amazing service yet again, thanks I'll be back for more of your service.
almost 7 years ago
Great service, seller was professional and replies in time.
almost 7 years ago
A pure crap service Guys. Don't even think of to buy this. The seller doesn't even know what referring Domains are. Don't know how such gigs are surviving in Market Source.
almost 7 years ago
Good quick services
almost 7 years ago
Poor service. Domains like SH*T
almost 7 years ago
Really awesome domain service, Totally pleased and more orders to come soon buddy. Keep Rocking!!!
almost 7 years ago
surely Reorder
almost 7 years ago
Super fast and decent domain with good link profile, ty.
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Hello, I am here to here serve and provide the best service. Thank you.

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