I Will Do Indepth Keyword Research Analysis For Your Chosen Keyword

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Are you into building niche sites or local seo, detailed comprehensive keyword research is the first step you need to take before embarking on building or creating your site.

Knowing ahead of time the best possible and most profitable keywords to create your site around will save you a lot time and wasted efforts.

That's where my In-depth Keyword Research Analysis Service come into play.

I will perform In-depth Keyword Research Analysis For Your Chosen Keyword outlining the best keywords for your chosen niche.

What you will get…

  • Keywords
  • Competition
  • Monthly searches
  • Approximate cpc
  • ln-depth search result analysis showing ranking difficulty indicators
  • Long tail keyword mining for your site contents

>>>Bonus<<< If already have a website, l will do a health monitoring checkup for your site to determine how well your site is performing and what you need to do to rank higher in the search engines.

I will also perform a backlink analysis of your competitor website to know where they are getting their backlinks from and what they are doing to rank higher in the search engine. (valued at $150)

What I'll need from you…

1) Please provide your main keyword in your niche while placing your order

2) Provide the website URL (if you have one) of your competitor for backlink analysis.

3) What type of keyword research you want done. (Global or Local)

Note: This is subject to 1 keyword per order.What I'll need from you…

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