GET 2 websites or PBNs restored from Wayback Machine on Archive org

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Do you want to restore site from a

There is nothing easier. Send a link of the domain in a Web Archive and the year of recovery and you'll receive the full copy of your site within 48 hours.

Attention: I don't give you a warranty for full restoration of graphics, scripts and pages of the site. The information is restored to the extent that is present on the site of a web archive.

Don't know the number of pages on your site in a web archive?
Send me a private message with your domain name and the year of recovery and I'll tell you this information for free.

What will I get after payment?

After payment you will receive a saved copy of your site in the form of html files and pictures in a zip archive.

Can I see a sample of restored archive?

Of course, send me a private message and I'll send you a link to the restored site.

What websites can be restored?

Static sites with the links of type .htm .html .php .shtml are very well restored.
Sites that output data through an iframe and with the links of type "&category_id=13&Itemid=1" can't be restored.

Sites on WordPress are possible to restore only as static ones.

If you have any questions, please send a personal message.

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