80 Premium Permanent Backlinks (New Network)

12 days estimated (16 days guaranteed) >
2 days on average

  • TF/CF20-40 Guaranteed!
  • DA/PA20-40 Guaranteed!
  • Incredibly low price $1 per link! (sale for a limited time)
  • 100% Spam Clean
  • High Quality Backlink Profile (Mostly Homepage Backlinks)
  • Waybackmachine Checked for spam history.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.

Some of our sample domains in our network:

Screenshots of ranking changes after using our backlinks:

You will not find any other gig on KonKer that is selling Guaranteed backlink metrics of TF 20+, they only offer a max of TF/CF 15 links which are WEAK..

This goes to show that the other providers on KonKer are selling junk backlinks and dont have the ability to obtain premium domains & backlinks like we do with our proprietary software.


Each backlink you receive from our network will be:
  • Hosted from different A/B/C Class IPs for each website.
  • Hosted on several different servers  across the globe.
  • Alternating servers and DNS for all websites.
  • Alternating domain and Whois provider.
  • Automatic spider blocking from Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic - so we can keep our network safe for the long haul.
  • Absolutely 0 interlinking between other sites.


How many URLs and keywords are allowed?

Unlimited URLs and keywords, however we recomend to focus only on a single URL and maybe 2-3 keywords for best results in the SERPs.

Do you provide reports?

Yes, a partial report will be given to safeguard the network.

Are there any sites we don't accept?

We do not accept any gambling, pharma, or warez & adult sites into our network.

Do you accept foreign websites / keywords?

Yes we do. We do very well with them also.

Where can I get support?

You can contact us here, or on our website at https://sullivanmarketing.io

What is the source of the article?

We use proprietary software that create articles that Artificial Intelligence systems can read smoothly.

Our Links Replacement Guarantee:
There will be a 60 days replacement policy after order is completed for
problem such as sites de-indexing and metrics drop (which very rarely happen). Also, your links will be guaranteed to be live for 1 year. We will keep it live as long as possible!

My name is Ian Sullivan, I am an American SEO based out of Florida that has been in the SEO & online marketing industry for over 10 years. I operate with many outsourcers worldwide to develop and scrape the entire web for the highest quality domains that exist out there. We also run our domains threw our secret and proprietary software that we developed in-house just for finding and curating the best quality domains out there. We did this so that we can assure you that they are 150% clean and ready to begin ranking your websites at lightening speed! Some of the top SEO Gurus in the world utilize our service daily! Our reviews truly do speak for themselves, check them out below!

What makes our backlinks so special?

We only use the cleanest high-metric domains. Unlike other brokers, we take the time to check every conceivable angle to check for signs of spam. We reject over 99.99% of the domains we come across, even if they've got amazing metrics, because we know how important a pure network is to your success online. To recap, here's why our domains are so special:

  • Guaranteed Powerful and High-Metric TF/CF 20-30
  • Guaranteed Ultra Clean
  • Incredibly Low Price Backlinks 1$ PER LINK!
Have any questions?

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over 5 years ago
Great transaction. Quick delivery. Great communication. Plan on using him much more in the future.
over 5 years ago
I've bought from Ian many times. Great service and always quick to deliver! Well done, I'll be back again!
over 5 years ago
Great provider. Some domains had >10 RD's but other than that great domains!
almost 6 years ago
Great domain! Very good service. Thank you!
almost 6 years ago
No problem mate!
almost 6 years ago
Awesome job. Thanks a bunch! Now I just have to figure out how to restore this thing.
almost 6 years ago
No prob, let me know if you need any help :)
almost 6 years ago
Excellent domain! Thank you.
almost 6 years ago
Enjoy :)
almost 6 years ago
almost 6 years ago
Great buyer!
almost 6 years ago
Great domains with a lot of power. I hope Ian runs this offer frequently, because I will need more domains like these.
almost 6 years ago
Ive got a few of these domains left jus message me mate!! :)
almost 6 years ago
Good domain thanks.
almost 6 years ago
Great Buyer!
almost 6 years ago
Initially I was concerned that the domain had a high TF but there were only 3 referring domains with a total of 9 backlinks. But 8 months later it has not lost it's referring domains and still has a high TF. So I am changing my review and recommending this Gig.
almost 6 years ago
I would of gladly replaced the domain or refunded you if you weren't satisfied mate instead of just dropping a negative review instantly and not saying anything to me. Live and learn is right mate..
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