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Hey Everyone! I'm Gregory Ortiz. I have one of the largest and most trusted PBN Selling Companies in all of SEO.

I also happen to sell the same kind of PBN's I use to rank multiple #1 rankings in Google.

To top it off, I also am the ONLY seller to have testimonials from some of the biggest names in SEO. (see below) So buy with confidence!

In this package, you are purchasing 1 (one) domain url that you can register yourself in your favorite registrar such as GoDaddy and Namecheap. You can always typically find a coupon for these registrars and even sometimes register the domain on godaddy for a dollar!

All domain url's are checked by my own proprietary methods.

The stats are as follows;

15-30 DA / 15-40 PA

10-25 TF / 10 - 35 CF

10-99 Referring Domains (According To Majestic)

Additional benefits:

No GoDaddy Renewal Fee (Save $100 + from auctions)

FREE Whois Guard if you register your domain in Namecheap (Save 12.99)

Q: What am I purchasing exactly?

A: I will send you the name of a domain that you can register yourself. For example if I had available you'd get sent that domain name in a excel sheet and you'd copy that URL and put it into your favorite registrar to then purchase yourself.

Q: May I choose what niche?

A: Upon purchase part of the instructions asks you which of the 3 general majestic topical trust you prefer in order of preference, and if I have any available within that general niche that's what you'll be sent.

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over 6 years ago
over 6 years ago
Gregory's PBNs and service are always the best. He delivers clean, high quality PBNs that perform well and Gregory is one of the most knowledgeable experts in this area, so with each order, the power of my network keeps improving. Thanks Gregory!
over 6 years ago
Thank you so much
over 6 years ago
over 6 years ago
I was really hoping for a great domain seeing how it's 4x more money than others on Source market. The domain I got had decent DA/PA but CF was more than two times greater than TF, and that's something even he said not to get... Tried contacting Gregory four times for an exchange or refund, but haven't heard anything. Oh well.
over 6 years ago

I have never once said it shouldn't be 2x more. Also 4x more money? I don't see any PBN's selling for $6.75. Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful Ma'am.

over 6 years ago
Fast service!
over 6 years ago
over 6 years ago
over 6 years ago
Very quick and good metrics for domain!
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