Google Maps-Revealing Your Competitions Citations (Local Signal Backlinks)

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You can use this information to of course boost your Google Maps ranking BUT you can also use this information to give to a potential client to get your foot in the door or offer as a small service to a business to build trust. ---Your potential client would love to see where their competitors are marketing.

With the most recent Google Local change, from 7 Pack to a 3 pack also known as the "snack pack", it is more critical than ever now to be within the top 3 of Google Maps/Google My Business. 

We will:

  1. analyze citations and do a competitive analysis of your top 3 competitors within Google Maps
  2. we will also pull a report of your business website citations so you can see what you have
  3. we will compare citations between your top 3 competitors and you/your clients website
  4. this analysis will allow us to give you a list of citations that your competitors have that you do not
  5. you need to get the citations your competition has in order to rank higher within Google Maps/Local
  6. we will give you all reports and a resource to get these citations made super cheap

You will get a video review explaining things and any resources or guidance you need to win your game. 

Background Info:

Citations are extremely necessary in order to rank higher within Google Local. These work as backlinks or local signals that builds trust with Google.

Any top SEO will inform you that competitive analysis is very crucial to outranking your competition. 

You will be amazed to see what citations your competition has that you never even thought about doing/getting!  

Example:    You may already have a business listing/citation in   -  our recent customer saw that their competition was getting credit for a citation from  which is Yelp but in the Danish language. AND Google was crediting that as another citation.    All you have to do is look up your listing with Yelp and index your listing in Danish to also get credit for it. 

But you would never know to do this without seeing the website citations your competition gets credit for. 

 This is a critical necessity if you want to outrank your competitors, Order Now!

Take advantage of the Extra:

***Geo Tag Your Google Business Page Photos for you, the RIGHT way!*** video also included on how to do it comes with the Extra. 

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about 7 years ago
Brilliant as always, my absolute favorite seller on any platform, really great guy whos helped me no end.
about 7 years ago
Again we received excellent insight and analysis from Ron! On this project he even showed us how to add location information to our photos in Google My Business to give us an advantage over the competition. With every order we continue to get hidden gems from someone who is a fellow local marketer testing what works for Google Maps rankings. Highly recommend!
about 7 years ago
Excellent! High quality stuff. Thank you.
about 7 years ago
Seriously great value for money and expertise that makes this gig worth it for ANY local business! Thanks Ron, awesome job and I appreciate your help! :)
about 7 years ago
about 7 years ago
This is by far the most personalized and in-depth service on Source Market. If you are doing local SEO and you want to rank your clients in Google Maps, get this service.
about 7 years ago
about 7 years ago
about 7 years ago
about 7 years ago
Another outstanding report! The seller took a lot of extra time to uncover NAP issues with our listings that are causing issues with our rankings. He also provided resources to fix our NAP issues and niche directories for our market. We are coming back for more!
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