Embed Video to 1800 web 2.0 sites, Social Bookmark Link Wheel, Ping and Index

SEO/Youtube SEO
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**ATTN Temporary $20 Price Drop for December Only**

Need your youtube videos to get to the top of the search engines and the top of the Youtube search?

This job is great for launch jacking, video marketing, and getting to the top of google for local search terms. I will get your video boosted through the search engines in no time for a super Cheap Price. 

For this job I will:

Take the description you give me edit it to maximize your keyword effectiveness
spin your article

syndicate your youtube video across 100 web 2.0  accounts on 18 different web 2.0 sites which equals 1,800 video embeds on web 2.0 sites and all backlinked in a link wheel as well as silo format.

Then I will social bookmark all of those web 2.0 embeds using 18 accounts on 14 different platforms for huge social signals and additional link juice and backlinks. 

 All web 2.0 embed links and social bookmarks will be pinged when you make the order.

Please note that the title and description of the video will be spun each time it is posted. Also the description and title will be spun each time it is social bookmarked to look like new content every time. 

100% Safe for all Google updates

This means that your video will be syndicated and embedded on 210 different web 2.0 pages. Your video will be embedded from the link that you give me and I will use the 2 keywords that you give to me. Each page will have a spun description and anchor text so that the search engines think its all new content. No duplicates.

*Note please be sure the video you give me has a good keyword rich description or you can provide one for me to use.

This will get your video ranked highly in the youtube search as well as a huge boost to your google ranking, yahoo, and bing ranking.

All Links will be in a link wheel and silo structure. All links will also be pinged, to let the search engines know that they exist.

Not enough? Purchase multiple orders and just let me know that you want them all to go to the same video url and I will add more syndication sites and accounts for each additional purchase. 

Combine this gig with my other gig to shoot your video to the top of the search engine FAST!

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