I will do youtube intro, outro video or animated logo

Videos/Intros & Animated Logos
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Hi folks! If y'all are looking for YouTube intro video, outro, promo video, logo animation then you're at the right place.

What do I offer in my packages?

Silver Package:

Intro with your images/videos with background music in 720p quality

Gold Package:

Intro with images/videos plus TEXT OVERLAYS and  YOUR LOGO with basic animation in HD 1080p

Platinum Package:

Video in PREMIUM STYLE with stock images(optional)+TEXT OVERLAYS+Custom colors and design and lastly YOUR LOGO

What I need to get started?

1. Images/ Video Clips

2. Overlay text/ keywords (recommended 5 or 6)

3. Music of your choice. If not available I have many samples

4. Your logo (optional)

On-time delivery

100% satisfaction

most suitable design

follow your brand/field layout

custom color according to your brand and logo

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