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What is HTML?

 Hypertext Markup Language, a standardized machine for tagging textual content documents to reap font, color, graphic, and link results on World Wide Web pages.

HTML is the same old markup language for developing Web pages.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML describes the shape of Web pages the usage of markup

HTML factors are the constructing blocks of HTML pages

HTML factors are represented with the aid of using tags

HTML tags label portions of content material such as "heading", "paragraph", "table", and so on

What is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets; it's far an easy mechanism language that lets in customers for including fashion to dependent Web documents. Example - format, fonts, colours, spacing and aural cues. CSS is a step forward in Web layout because it lets in internet designing builders to arrange the fashion and format of a couple of Web pages suddenly and extrude to the brand new markup which makes feel after which redefine it to a healthy internet layout.


Through CSS, Web designing may be managed by showing the traits of a website from one critical document. With CSS, internet designing may be installed through growing appealing pages with tons of flair. CSS Web Design presents internet web sites for organizations and groups who need to apply the net to extend and broaden their business. To layout internet pages with CSS, you want to recognize the requirements and blessings to apprehend how browsers' characteristic and reply at the Web layout results. CSS consists of a greater diversity of stylistic abilities to satisfy the requirements of internet layout builders; this supply the clothier greater manage over web page appearance.

What are the Advantages of HTML?

Rely Easy to use

Loose syntax (although, being too bendy will now no longer observe standards).

 HTML is straightforward sufficient to write.

 HTML is that it is straightforward to code.

HTML additionally lets in the usage of templates, which makes designing a web site easy.

 Very beneficial for novices in internet designing field.

Supported on nearly every browser, if now no longer all browsers.

Widely used; set up on nearly every website, if now no longer all websites.

Very just like XML syntax, that's more and more used for facts storage

Free - You want now no longer purchase any software.

 Easy to learn & code even for a newbie programmer

What are the Advantages of CSS?

CSS express how to show (online style) HTML elements.

HTML documents can be shown using different output styles. HTML tags were originally designed to define the content of a document. Cascade Style sheets define how HTML elements will be displayed. Stylesheets bring true leading and sophisticated marginalization to the designing.

CSS web allows for smaller file sizes.

Style cascade sheets save bandwidth, Decrease the total amount of code on web pages and greatly reduce the size of your files compared to the old-style markup.

External style sheets can save you a lot of work.

CSS can save you a lot of work when designing A website. Most modern browsers now support CSS so it is safe and easy to use.

External style sheets are stored in files

CSS allows external style sheet to control web design and design from all over the place. The best way is usually to use an external CSS file; Controls many different elements throughout the site rather than defining the same elements over and over again in all files.

Web design is normally stored in Sheets.

Web design for the whole web is an appearance thought for design problems and how they differ from design for a web page through CSS. Small website design companies are now able to make Web design accessible to small businesses and people who have more and more web development. CSS allows web design authors to move much of this information to a separate style sheet, What drives a much simpler language.

CSS HTML allows you better control of the structure.

Page, the main ability of the CSS is to control the page structure without having to use the layout markup. Using CSS, you can hide the content of some browsers in certain situations and several style definitions will be based on one. It explains creating two and three float-based layouts and horizontally centring a design on a page.

Cascade Style the sheets also offer much more flexibility in terms of presentation effects it provides. Like margin, colour, border, bottom and much more. CSS develop strategies to maximize browser compatibility forward and backwards. There are many web design and testing tools that can help to create attractive standards Documents.

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