Will Do Cold Calling, Email Marketing, and B2B Lead Generation

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Welcome to my Gig.

100% Client Satisfaction is My Only Priority.

I am the lead generation expert and have about 7 years of work experience in Business Development.
I am specialized in -
  1. Cold Calling
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Data Mining
Based on my previous experience, I can generate B2B Leads for any kind of Business.
I am capable to make 100+ Calls in a day.
I have worked with different US-based MNCs and contributed my effort in their growth.
My last employer was a QA and Software Testing Company where I had achieved tremendous success. That is why the company has promoted me to the Manager of Business Development, also I had received a letter of appreciation.

As per my past experience, I am more comfortable working with IT and Software Development, Quality Assurance and Software Testing, Digital Marketing, and Health Care projects.

If I get a chance to work for you, I will complete it successfully as I did in the past.

More about this Gig -
  1. 50+ Appointments Setting.
  2. 20 Leads (Min) Guaranteed.
  3. 10,000+ Targeted Emails.
  4. 200,000 Bulk Emails.
  5.  2,500 Cold Calls.
The process includes data generation as well.

 Things you will receive on a Daily Basis -

  1.  Status of Dialed Numbers.
  2.  List of Email Ids
  3.  Call Recordings of Generated Leads/appointments Setting
  4.  Email Conversation History of Generated Leads/appointments Setting

100% Target achievement is GUARANTEED.

For further discussion, please contact me. 
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For me, client satisfaction is the utmost priority. I keep working until I get 100% satisfactory response from my clients.

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