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How would you like to make 10x your sales?

If you want to boost the sales of your shop, your brand or your product but you don't necessarily have the means to invest heavily in advertising or in the biggest influencers, read carefully.

Maybe today you have a great product, or a great offer.
You know that, but you also know that it's not enough to sell.

To sell, you have to attract traffic.

And it's not always easy

There are different types of traffic:

Free traffic

Paid traffic

Free traffic's good, but it's long.

And paid traffic: well, it's paid traffic (we agree).

Why not find an alternative that works?

I found a method that allows brands to have hundreds of ambassadors for almost 0€.

This method is a hit.

It's about using micro and nano influencers (between 10k and 200K subscribers) in order to have massive traffic at a lower cost (and sometimes even for free).

It's simple:

You can ask influencers with less than 100K subscribers to become your ambassadors for a commission or free products.

Influencers between 100K and 200K subscribers, you can have placements at extremely competitive prices and incredible results (they often have very engaged communities).

I. So what are you going to get from me for 5€?

It's simple: for 5€, you will get a list of 20 US influencers between 10k and 200k subscribers. (nano and micro influencers)

You'll have a word file that links directly to their instagram, you'll be able to send them messages and emails (they are much easier to contact).

In the list will be indicated :

Instagram account, email, number of subscribers, and the commitment the influencer has to his Instagram account. _

Want more?

We offer different options to get up to 100 influencers.

II. Where do influencers come from?

The influencers in these lists have been researched and analyzed thoroughly by myself for hours.

Here, I save you a lot of time and money.

If you have any questions, I am at your entire disposal.
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