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This Gig is exclusive for konker Users from IVANSMEDIA!

Hi my Friend, maybe you have seen on Chaturbate Website some Pimped Bio profiles with photos, social buttons and all kind of stuffs, but you always wondered ¿how they do that?

Well this is exactly what i´m offering you on this GIG... to Pimp your chaturbate Bio.

This Gig includes 3 Packages:

  • Social Buttons Menu (on the left side of your screen)
  • Social Buttons Menu (Animated)
  • Social Buttons animated and Pimped Bio with designs of your choice.

¿How this gig works?

  1. You tell me about your ideas, i make the design in HTML code and send it to you.
  2. You copy and paste the code. and That`s It.

Feel free to ask anything, clicking the CONTACT SELLER button on the right >>>

¿What are you waiting for?
Get your Pimped Bio like the Top Sexcam Models Now and receive more tokens!
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Hi guys, my name is Ivan Rincon A.K.A. IVANSMEDIA, I´m an expert on Augmented Reality, and an enthusiast of new technologies such as App Development. I have plenty experience in areas like Web Development, Wordpress, 2D, 3D, Unity 3D. I´m very committed with my work and Clients.

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