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Just send me the photo of the person you want to be portrayed like a Tim Burton character! I will do the rest for you!

Sketch simple Headshot:
Sketch of the face in B/W in high quality. One person and white background.

Check extras for more options:
Full Body Portrait: Full color- Full body - One person- Optional background -High quality
Half Body Color Portrait: Full color- Half body - One person- White background -High quality
  • I will send to you the final drawing in a PDF, PNG or JPEG format.
  • Keep in mind I will take the most important characteristics of the person and will adapt them to the Tim Burton-style proportions, postures and gestures (check the examples).
If you are looking for different cartoons styles or realistic portraits please visit the other GIGs I have prepared for you in my profile!

Finally, if you have specific requests, please message me before ordering, I will be happy to help.

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My name is Cesar and I work as Graphic designer and Illustrator. I love doing realistic works and creating portraits based on the most famous cartoons... just let me know what draw style are you looking for and you will feel like you have always lived in your favorite cartoon's world.

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