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Here is the problem:

Ask any SEO expert about how a successful SEO project looks like and you will probably hear the same spiel every time:

1. Start with a keyword research.
2. Progress to competition analysis by looking at a few top-ranking websites for your keywords.
3. Apply what you have learned to your website.
4. Get about BAJILLION OF BACKLINKS! (just make sure you get a few no-follow links to look natural...)

Sounds about right?

Everyone seems to be agreeing on this but unfortunately, such consensus disappears pretty quickly as you dive deeper into each section of SEO.

Most professionals have their own ways of researching the best keywords for their niche and don't even get me started on the topic of backlinks. Just ask a question about quality backlinks on any SEO forum and watch the answers pour in.

I am not here to teach you how to pick best keywords for your website and I won't tell you how to create a killer backlink profile.

But what I am offering you is a competition analysis that you have never seen before.

In one of his articles, Brian Dean from Backlinko identified over 200 on-site factors that influence Google rankings.

Killer competition analysis means looking at websites of your competitors and analyzing which ranking factors are becoming more significant as you get closer to that no.1 position.

You see, you can't just analyze the top three competitors because you would not be able to identify any patterns with ranking factors. The more competition you analyze, the better your results gonna be. As a result, you end up with data that 99% of your competition has no clue about!

This way you can focus on optimizing on-site factors that will bring the most results.

There are people out there (like me) that are crazy enough to plow through hundreds of websites comparing all on-site factors to find those patterns and outcompete their competition.

And then there are people out there (like yourself) who outsource things like that and choose to spend their time doing what they enjoy the most.

What are you gaining from this exchange:

1. ANALYSIS OF 2 KEYWORDS OF YOUR CHOICE IN 24 HOURS!. For each keyword I will create a detailed report analyzing:
        - TOP 100 COMPETITORS for the chosen keyword
        - 200+ ON-SITE RANKING FACTORS and identify ranking patterns with mathematical precision.

2. Peace of mind that you have your competition analysis and on-site optimization done better than you ever dreamed of and you can focus all your attention on BUILDING LINKS!!!!

What am I gaining from this exchange:

1. Money for Domino's pizza while I analyze the heck out of your competition.

2. Feeling of being useful for a change :/

Now, allow me to be useful while you can enjoy your life.

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