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We’re in the middle of a Digital Revolution , where millions of jobs are being destroyed or replaced by automation, robots, and software. Worst of all, our education system continues to teach knowledge and skills that will soon be replaced by these technologies.

●That said, the Digital Revolution has created a huge opportunity for what we call Automated Income businesses - or, businesses that leverage selling information products digitally. Best of all: they can’t be replaced by machines.

●Automated Income businesses have little risk, zero inventory, and require no technical skills to start up and run. They allow you to make money passively . All you need is some kind of information (i.e. knowledge) that other people will pay to access.

●People who take advantage of this trend early on will be able to profit massively. Our automated income business, for example, has generated over $10 million in revenue fromselling just a handful of information products. And we’ve been able to continue making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from those very same products - all while traveling the world and rarely stepping foot inside an office.

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