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Are you confused or unaware on how your website is performing on Google or social media?  An SEO audit will give you the basic understanding of what needs to be fixed to get your website ranked better.  

1.  SEO is important because this is organic, highly targeted traffic built into your website.  By knowing what keywords to sprinkle through your website and visually how it will look in search engine results, you will increase sales and work more efficiently.

2.  Having our SEO audit will give you a starting point on what to fix on your website or it will show you what you are already doing correctly.  This saves you time and money so you don't have to work on issues that don't need to be fixed.  

3.  We will also include tips top speed up your website loading times as an added bonus because recently Google algorithms have taken page speed into consideration.  In other words, fast website = better SEO.
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My name is Levi and I have 10+ years experience in the computer networking and internet industry. I have a large skillset ranging from graphic design to business plan consulting so I am very happy to be offering my services to you.

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