500 Spotify Playlist followers Cheapest Spotify Followers service here HQ

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500 Sp0tlfy Playlist followers! Cheapest Spot Followers service here! HQ

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • No Drop on Followers (Stay permanent)
  • Playlist or artist followers
  • High Quality Followers.
  • Fast Start
  • HQ WorldWide Plays ( USA & Top EU Countries)
  • No password Required.
  • Slow , Safe & Reliable Delivery
  • Get Royaltees
  • 60 seconds play minimum.
Direct supplier of sp0tify services, so you'll get top notch services & customer support!
>> You can split a big order among multiple songs ! ( Recommended)
The followers will be delivered slow ~ 1-2k per day max so they will be safe and good . The update on spot's system is fast. ~12h for followers. The order will be completed once the followers will show in your spot App. We are always over delivering! If you're happy, we're happy!
Give us the link of your Artist or of your playlist
For bigger orders you can use multiple artists or playlists

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