Parasite SEO Domination: The only guide for #1 rankings & $10k P/M earnings

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How I made $10,000 per month using NFG SEO

[Only 19 spots remaining before I take this guide off the site, and close private forum access]

***Read ALL of this before you decide to purchase***

You're reading this because you're sick and tired of being Google's bitch.  You despise following Google to the T and still not ranking, losing your rankings and ultimately, your earnings. 

You've tried everything from "awesome content" and "showcasing your work on social media for extra traffic". Yet your rankings are sh*t and you're nowhere close to making "F*ck you money"

I was in your position not too long ago. I wanted to live the life of a dot com millionaire, but my rankings were abysmal, my earnings were less than $1,000 per month and I couldn't for the life of me find a way out. 

I was following Google's terms of service, writing high quality content, sharing my website, letting it marinade so that it could eventually rank. What happened? Absolutely f*ck all. I wasted time, I wasted thousands of dollars and I was in the same position as I was months prior. 

I decided enough is enough. I restructured my entire belief structure about SEO and developed something called:

NFG SEO AKA No F*cks Given SEO

In a nutshell, it simply means you don't play by Google's rule. Instead, you focus on building wealth, increasing leads and increasing affiliate commissions everyday. 

How has this helped me? 

Well, NFG SEO has enabled me to make $10,000 per month every month PASSIVELY. That's right. I do absolutely f*ck all and make 5 figures a month with black hat SEO.

I have spread my eggs in every basket imaginable. I get monthly affiliate commissions from Clickbank, generate $200 per day selling leads to local businesses, and $100+ per day with CPA. 

Without NFG SEO, this wouldn't be possible.

What do you get?

OK time for the juicy bit.

 I am only limiting this to 20 people from this website. That's right. Only 20 of you cunts will be allowed to learn about this method with me. There's no "please let me on, I'll pay $xxx more" BS.

If the spots are gone, they are GONE.

Because of the nature of the program, it will come in 2 formats. You will receive:
  1. An underground blackhat SEO guide showing you how I ranked and bank $10,000+ per month
  2. Access to our private blackhat forum where you will learn ranking strategies, methods on increasing affiliate commissions, generating revenue for LIFE and more. 
Once you purchase, you will receive the PDF guide as well as login details to our private forum.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT share the login with 


We're keeping this limited to 20 people. If you decide to be a good samaritan and show your friends the "cash cow", don't be surprised when it falls on your head and this method gets leaked out to EVERYONE and then your method won't be as valuable anymore. 

The reason I'm limiting this to 13 people is so that it stays within our inner circle. Any methods we show you will have no damage to the rankings as only a small number of people know about it.

OK KillerSEO, I'm interested. How much is it?

Time for the buzzkill for a LOT of you. Because of the methods you will be exposed to, the ranking strategies to rank affiliate sites and local SEO sites, we will not be cheap,

The cost of this underground Black Hat SEO program is $500. 

With the $500 price tag, you will gain access to a WEALTH of knowledge inside the world of NFG SEO. You'll find out exactly how you can DOMINATE #1 for local keywords, rent websites out to businesses, generate affiliate commission and do this all PASSIVELY.

So with this in mind, what are you waiting for? Order now or message me for more information. 


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Alright you cunts, listen up. I may be new to Konker but I'm DEFINITELY not new to SEO. I've been in this business for 4 years and since then I have created some badass Amazon Affiliate sites that are generating me $15,000 per month..I've decided to help out to Konker and help you all out.

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