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SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE - Thank you for all your support, we have a special launch price for the first 30 buyers.
Let me ask you a question..

What is the one thing Google loves more than anything?

Simple. Google loves Google.

We have found a way to get you the BEST backlinks that carry high domain authority like edu. and .gov.

Guess what.. these backlinks are DIRECTLY FROM Google!

This is as powerful as Domain Authority Stacking can get!

You're probably guessing right now what's going in your mind, "What are Google Stacks and Do I really need this?

Allow us to break it down some...


Q: Do you provide Reports?

You get Logins Details for all Google Sites, and Social Signal Screenshots. We can't risk outing our Hi TF sites and Client Information.

Q: How about Foreign language Sites?

All content will be in English (unless you provide us foreign language content). Feel free to PM us on this.

Q: Is there any chance to get penalized by Google?

There is no chance of getting penalized by google for using my Stacks even coming from their own backlinks and authority.

Q: Do you guys Use Spun content?

We give 100% Google indexing content that guarantees of our sites.google.com property which carries the main juice.

Q: You have Extras as well for additional profile so how should I know which one we order?

Premium High Competition (30 Web 2.0 total) + Domain Authority Stacking (+$70.00)
High Competition (20 Web 2.0 total) + Domain Authority Stacking (+$50.00)
Medium Competition (10 Web 2.0 total) + Domain Authority Stacking (+$40.00)

Ok, I am ready to Order, what information do I need to supply you guys to kick start?

Q: Can I try this myself?

Yes, you can always try to do it yourself. But let me tell you that there are so many little loopholes which you need to take care to perform a successful campaign. Again it's up to you  

Q: Can you provide a sample of the Google Sites I will get as an end product.

Yes for sure, you can check out at https://goo.gl/YeG99s

Q: Damn, stacking seem costly?

If you have this question in mind then what do you rate yourself working 10-12 hrs on a single campaign? We may be costly (depending on your budget) because we know what value we can bring in to your client for long lasting rankings in SERP's. Thanks.
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