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I Will Create And Rank Videos That You Can Go Rent To Local Businesses For $200-$500/Month. 

I Will Build Professional Lead Generation Commercials And Rank Them On The FIRST Page Of Google Using Alex Becker's And Gregory Ortiz’s Techniques. 

Your Videos Will Dominate Google Local Search!

What I Will Do For You: I will create twenty-five (25) unique lead generation videos and rank them for buyer long-tail keywords.

The Benefit For You: You are able to use these videos to rent out to local clients for $200-500+ per month. Almost all the videos will get page 1 rankings for the keywords targeted.

How I Will Do This:

  1. I will create dozens of unique professional video commercials for your selected niche (this prevents YT from slapping you with duplicate content).

  2. I will conduct keyword research for buyer terms that potential customers are searching for.

  3. I will create SEO-optimized titles, video descriptions, and tags for each video targeting a specific keyword.

  4. I will schedule live video events, each with their own unique video details created in step 3, to be streamed at a later date.

  5. I will upload each video to each live event so that they will be streamed at the set date without any issues.

What You Will Get:

  1. SEO Optimized video details for each video (titles, description, tags).

  2. Location targeting for local rankings boost.

  3. Live event uploads for each video.

  4. Call to actions to encourage website visits and phone calls.

  5. Each video will be uploaded to MY business YouTube account.

  6. A detailed rankings report will be sent to you showing keywords ranked and organic ranking. For an example of a detailed report, message me on Konker.io or email me at [email protected].

What You Will NOT Get:

  1. Social signals

  2. YouTube views (not recommended anyway unless you don't mind getting a slap from YouTube)

  3. PBN or Web 2.0 links

  4. Social Bookmarking

These are recommended to maintain rankings after videos go live, as rankings for live videos tend to drop over time. These will need to be purchased on your own from other vendors.

The Niches I Target: Attorney, beauty, car, cleaning, doctor, fitness, home jobs, private lessons, real estate, and services.

  1. Attorney - Divorce

  2. Attorney - Criminal Defense

  3. Attorney - Civil Rights

  4. Attorney - Personal Injury

  5. Attorney - DUI

  6. Attorney - Bankruptcy

  7. Attorney - General

  8. Beauty - Bridal Shop

  9. Beauty - Massage Therapy/Spa

  10. Beauty - Beauty Salon

  11. Beauty - Hair Salon

  12. Car - Locksmith

  13. Car - Car Repair/Mechanic

  14. Car - Car Dealer

  15. Car - Car Rental

  16. Cleaning - Dry Cleaning

  17. Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning

  18. Cleaning - Home Cleaning

  19. Cleaning - Window Cleaning

  20. Doctor - General

  21. Doctor - Dentist

  22. Doctor - Audiologist

  23. Doctor - Allergist

  24. Doctor - Cardiologist

  25. Doctor - Dermatologist

  26. Doctor - Neurologist

  27. Doctor - Internal Medicine

  28. Doctor - Gynecologist

  29. Doctor - Urologist

  30. Doctor - Psychiatrist

  31. Doctor - Pediatrician

  32. Doctor - Chiropractor

  33. Doctor - Medical Transportation

  34. Doctor - Visiting Nurse

  35. Doctor - Optometrist

  36. Fitness - Personal Trainer

  37. Fitness - Yoga

  38. Home Jobs - Veterinarian

  39. Home Jobs - Roofing Repair

  40. Home Jobs - Solar Panel Installation/Equipment

  41. Home Jobs - Landscaping/Lawn Care

  42. Home Jobs - Electrician

  43. Home Jobs - PainterHome Jobs - Plumber

  44. Home Jobs - Furniture Repair

  45. Home Jobs - Pest Control

  46. Home Jobs - Moving Company

  47. Home Jobs - Fence Building/Repair

  48. Home Jobs - Woodworking

  49. Home Jobs - Home Remodeling/Restoration

  50. Home Jobs - Tree Service

  51. Home Jobs - Home Builder

  52. Home Jobs - Septic Tank Installation/Repair

  53. Home Jobs - Water Damage

  54. Home Jobs - Locksmith

  55. Home Jobs - Handyman

  56. Home Jobs - Wedding Planning

  57. Home Jobs - Pool Construction/Cleaning

  58. Home Jobs - Kitchen Remodeling

  59. Home Jobs - Concrete Contractor

  60. Home Jobs - Bathroom Remodeling

  61. Home Jobs - Flood Repair

  62. IT - Computer Repair

  63. Lessons - PianoLessons - Guiter

  64. Lessons - Violin

  65. Lessons - Dog Training

  66. Lessons - Golf Instructor

  67. Real Estate - Real Estate Agency/Agent

  68. Real Estate - Property Management

  69. Real Estate - Real Estate Agent

  70. Services - Appliance Repair

  71. Services - Event Manager/Planner

  72. Services - Wedding Event Planner

  73. Services - Business Management Consulting

  74. Services - Credit Repair/Counseling

  75. Services - Private Investigator

  76. Services - Home Chef

  77. Services - Marriage Counselor

  78. Services - Insurance Agent

  79. Services - Flower Shop

  80. Services - Limousine Services - Architect

  81. Services - Accountant

  82. Services - Cell Phone Repair

Instructions For Buyer:

  1. Select the niche and city that you want (select a city with a minimum population of 20,000 and a maximum population of 300,000 for best results). And that's it!


  1. Because the Google and YouTube algorithm is constantly changing, I cannot promise page 1 rankings. There are many factors that are taken into account when ranking videos. However, I will do my best to get the results that you want and will give you steps to take to boost/maintain rankings.

  2. Live videos tend to drop in rankings after streaming. Because of this, I recommend that you give each video a boost (social signals, views, web 2.0 embeds, PBN links, etc) to stabilize rankings. I do not offer these services; therefore, it is your responsibility to do so.

  3. This is not a custom service. These videos are already made and not created uniquely for you or your business. This is done so that you can reuse them for your rank and rent clients.

  4. If you are unsure about what my gig is about, or if you need clarifications on certain things, please message me via konker or email me at [email protected]

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