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Pin and embed your YouTube video or anything, to 20 big Pinterest community boards just $5!

I'm an owner and collaborator of lots of big Pinterest Community boards that have millions of followers in them collectively and I will pin your video to them.

I have over 250 big Pinterest Community boards in many different niches. We have big pin boards, food, fashion, health, beauty and many more niches!

20 Pinterest Community Board Embeds

Pinterest allows direct embedding of videos within pins so your videos play on Pinterest. That results in more real natural views.

These are very big community boards that have thousands of followers collectively. Your pins will get more views/repins than normal pins do.

Your pins will last forever and never be removed (lifetime guarantee). And the longer they do, the more views and repins and traffic & exposure they'll send in time.

What's more, these pins have a lot of clout for your SEO rankings! Just check out the many benefits of our pins.

Benefits of Community Board Pins

  • Improves ranking authority of your videos.
  • Helps ranking for your keywords.
  • Your pins will remain there forever.
  • Your pins mature and go on giving.
  • Boosts your videos social presence.
  • Gets you more real people views, likes etc.
So if you have a video (YouTube, Vimeo etc) just place your order and give me the link and I'll pin it to these exclusive boards for you. In 1 day or less!

Note: In this service we only pin your video to 20 boards closely related and matching your video type. If you would like to get all of your pin URLs you can through the extra "Collect and all the pin URLs" below.
Note 2: We may pin to some general boards and we can split on 2 videos if you like but it's best to use 1 at a time.

Remember! This is for videos only!

These community board pins are very exclusive and worth their weight in gold! Pinterest is a massive visually stimulating social networking site up there with the rest of them! You can bet that there are millions of followers in the boards that are interested in YOUR video!

So place your order now, send me your video and I'll pin to our big community boards.

For any questions or anything just send me a message.

Thanks and to your success!

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