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★ Best Photo Editing Service In Konker ★

~~~ About Me ~~~

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Pena. I've been learning and becoming proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite for a long time now and totally enjoy it. So I want to do anything I can to help other members of Konker.

Look accomplished and present yourself with a marvelous picture of you.

~~~ Here are some of my edits ~~~


People will trust you more when they see a photo of YOU, not your logo. There's something unique about working with someone else instead of an "organization" with no face.

Give your clients what they need and get MORE SALES!

You won't find inexpensive photo editing of this quality anywhere else… Get it while the price is low

I will:

Change lighting - Lighten or Darken pictures to make it look marvelous

Fix color casting - Fix any photo wide shading issues, for example, blue or red tint

Adjust Contrast - Bring out or reduce the intensity of hues and colors

Do basic retouching - Remove pimples, small scars, acne, and so on.

Crop photograph - Upon special request I will return it to you cropped to any size.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Make certain to check for extra items!

1. Remove Background/Remove Background Object - I will remove the background and send it to you with a transparent background or the background color of your choice. I am an expert at this and can even mask around troublesome hair or different items.

Have a distracting object or person in your photograph that you might want removed? Get this and I will remove it so you would never tell that it was there!

Please understand that depending upon the picture, I might or might not have the capacity to remove the person or object, please get in touch with me first and send me the picture before you order this.

2. Body/Face Manipulation/Change Hair Color - With this I can go in and remove a couple of pounds from your waistline, expand or reduce parts of your face or body, and form the face or body shape. I refuse to go to the extreme with this feature and will just change a person by 10lbs or around 10% of the face or body.

3. Change Colors of Objects/Cut Out Hair - Have a bright object in your photograph that you might want changed? Get this and I will change the color of it so it's less distracting!

With this I can cut out hair from a background, it is helpful to keep in mind that it’s much easier to see dark hair against a light background or light hair against a dark background.

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