Tiered Backlinking - Boost Your PBN's, Citations & Social Accounts

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Boost your Tier 1 Backlinks

Tier 2 backlinks from high Authority web 2.0's, Social accounts, and Bookmarking sites

Tiered backlinking, done right, is great for ranking in tough niches


  • Boost your PBN's metrics and relevancy
  • Help your citations get indexed in Google
  • Boost the authority and trust of your citations
  • Boost the authority and trust of your social accounts
  • Boost the authority and trust of your Guest Posts
  • Actually get your social accounts and citations ranked in Google
  • Boost niche relevancy
  • Boost location relevancy

What you Get:
For just $20, we will create 10 properties from a mix of web 2.0's bookmarking sites, and social platforms

We will add relevant & unique content to each of those properties, and link out to the tier 1 URL's of your choice

High TF
High DA
Niche relevant

Our Process:
  • We create the accounts on high authority properties that are trusted by Google
  • We add 4-5 articles of niche relevant or location relevant content as you specify
  • We add 1-3 authority links out to random high authority sources such as Wikipedia, BBC, WebMD, Forbes, etc. for natural looking link diversity
  • We then add your links using the anchor text of your choosing
    • We do suggest using a majority of bare URL & generic anchors

Want more Tier 2 Backlinks?

No problem, just choose from the extras below!

Need Tier 3 Links?

No Problem, check out our advanced tiered backlinking service here: Coming soon

As you may know, tiered backlinks are a great way to boost the authority, trust, and relevancy of your first tier links pointing directly to your website. Adding tier 3, 4, 5, etc. links will progressively boost those tier 1 links, which in return will boost your money site.

Need Tier 1 Properties?

Tier one Web 2.0s: http://tiny.cc/web20s
Tier one Social accounts & Bookmarks: http://tiny.cc/socialaccounts
Tier one Business listings: http://tiny.cc/citationbuilding

  • How many links can I add to each property?
    • We suggest linking out to only 1, but we can add up to 3 URL's per property
  • Can these be used instead of PBN's?
    • Absolutely! If you boost your tier 1 web 2.0's with tier 2, 3, 4, etc. links, they can eventually gain enough DA and TF to be as powerful as a PBN site
  • Can these be used to boost my PBN's?
    • Yes, these are great links to help recover lost backlinks and boost DA & TF

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