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Local citations are key to ranking in Google maps, right?


Anyone can, and should get listed in all of the most popular business listings sites.

That's just enough to match the basic competition!

What you need to beat the competition in Google maps is:

GEO specific citations!

Google is constantly making changes to their algorithm AND every single time it makes GEO relevancy more important!

What You Get With This Gig:

1) We will research your top 3-5 competitors who are ranking in maps for your target "city + niche"
2) We will sort through all of their citations and determine which are the most relevant and authoritative.
 - We will sort out anything spammy.
3) We will then perform local research to discover more local citation sources
4) We will build citations for your business on all of these sources that allow us to do so
 - We will geo tag any images you provide us for further increased geo relevancy

This gig includes 40+ citations (We usually deliver more)

Choose from the gig extras for more citations*

*The number of geo specific citations available can greatly vary from one location to another. Therefore, we will create citations on other highly relevant and authoritative sources on national directories if there is a lack of geo specific sources.

Do you claim paid listings?
We cannot claim paid listings as they do cost money, but we would be happy to provide them in the report if you wish to list your business there.

Can you do phone verification?
We only list those that do not require phone verification. We do perform e-mail verification's on your behalf. We cannot phone verify listings. We, will however supply you with the URL if you wish to perform the phone verification yourself.
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Hey, My name is Jeremy. I am an internet marketer and have been doing SEO for more than 10 years. For the past 5 years I have focused primarily on local SEO and have made many connections and learned a lot during this time. I am involved in SEO groups like Source University, Bulletproof SEO & OMG.

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