Get a High Authority, Niche Relevant, Aged Domain Manually Built For Your PBN

SEO/PBN Creation
24 days estimated (29 days guaranteed) >

PBN's are the #1 way to add authority and rank your site

However, they have to be carefully chosen & properly set up

This takes time... and a lot of it!

Don't take shortcuts!

Let me personally do all of the work of finding a good domain and setting it up for you!

What You Get:
1) I will personally research and find a domain in the niche of your choosing
2) I will manually run it through the following checks:
  - check it for spam (no porn, sex, gambling, etc. content in the archive)
  - no more than 2 drops
- minimum metrics DA15 PA15 TF10 CF10 RD10 DR10
  - check for spammy links in majestic and AHREFS
  - check for a spammy anchor text ratio in majestic
3) I will purchase, register, and host the domain on your behalf under a random persona
 - Each domain will be on a unique host and random registrar
4) I will set up essential plugins, add one unique article, add a niche relevant video with video sitemap, and ping Google
5) I will wait up to 3 days for the domain to be indexed
6) Once the domain show up #1 in Google search, I will completely set up the site to look and function like a real business website or blog
  - I will use a random professional looking Wordpress theme
  - I will add an SEO plugin and configure settings
  - I will add a bot blocking plugin
  - I will add other random plugins to help the website function and look good
  - I will add social sharing buttons
  - I will add Terms of service, privacy policy, contact page, and about page with content
  - I will add an xml sitemap to the footer
  - I will create multiple inner pages and interlink them - each with unique, readable content
  - I will add images and/or videos throughout the pages and posts
  - I will place some advertisements, and/ or banner ads if it makes sense to make the site look real

I will deliver a professional looking site that is ready for you to add your content and links to.

Too busy to add your own content or links?
I can fully manage your PBN for you! Just let me know when you order, and I'll provide you with the details.

NOTE: this process does take a lot of time and effort since I am doing all of the work myself. NOTHING IS OUTSOURCED!

I have been building PBN's for over 5 years now. I learned how to do it right from the following people:
Stephen Floyd
Alex Becker
Kotton Grammer
Gregory Ortiz

I have gone through Steven Floyd's PBN training and I follow it precisely. He has never lost a PBN! ...and neither have I!

I spent the last year building out a 200 domain law PBN for a legal SEO company.

... and now I am done with my 1 year PBN creation project and decided to extend my PBN creation services to you!

Each site is hosted on a random premium host and unique IP address. I will give you 3 months of free hosting. After that, you will be charged $10 per month for hosting. Registration will be free forever and automatically renewed as long as you continue to pay for hosting.

What You Will NOT Get:
Cheap domains that used to sell Prada shoes or Viagra
Spun Content
Duplicate content
A site put together with any sort of software
A template website

Need more high quality domains for your PBN?

No problem, just add the appropriate extra's below. I offer a discount when you purchase more domains at once.

Do you guarantee that these PBN domains will improve my rankings?
Of course not. From my experience, every domain created following my process has made a positive difference in rankings. However, there are many other factors that I cannot control such as on-page, other backlinks, anchor text rations, etc.

Do you use cheap hosting accounts?
No, I only use premium hosts known to be high quality.

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Hey, My name is Jeremy. I am an internet marketer and have been doing SEO for more than 10 years. For the past 5 years I have focused primarily on local SEO and have made many connections and learned a lot during this time. I am involved in SEO groups like Source University, Bulletproof SEO & OMG.

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