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I will submit, claim, and update your business to the top 3 business information data aggregators online.

What is a data aggregator?

Data aggregators are data mining systems that spread business information online. They collect and share business data with a multitude of sources, including search engines like Google.

In the United States, there are four major sources that disseminate business data online:

1. Infogroup

Infogroup’s proprietary databases contain information on businesses and consumers in the US and around the world. Their data is accessible through a number of different websites, including,, and

2. Localeze

Neustar Localeze distributes data to more than 100 search platforms, mobile apps, and navigation systems, including Yahoo! and Nokia. Data provided by Localeze allows Nokia to provide up-to-date business details to its in-car navigation system.

3. Acxiom

Managing more than 4000 databases and updating 10 billion data records every month, Acxiom is responsible for a huge amount of online data. Some of Acxiom’s notable partners include Facebook, eBay, Foursquare, IBM, and Microsoft.

4. Factual

Factual places an emphasis on providing real-time data to mobile systems. In addition to feeding data to publishers like the Weather Channel and Yelp, Factual helps power Apple products, Bing, Facebook, and Uber. Factual maintains data for more than 100 million local businesses and points of interest in 50 different countries.

Included in this gig:
Submission and update to these 3 sources:

1) Infogroup

2) Acxiom

3) Factual

Submission to Localeze cost an annual fee. Therefore, you must order the gig extra in order to be listed with this source.

We will check to see if your business is already found in their system, and verify or update if any information is incorrect. If the business is not found, we will submit your information.

- Your business will be listed in exclusive high authority business networks only accessible by these aggregators
- These sources are highly reputable and trusted by Google because they only post document verified information
- Be listed alongside the biggest businesses online
- Boost trust and local signals

Required Documentation

In order to verify your businesses information, the following documentation is required by all 4 aggregators (This information was copied directly from their site):

Please provide 2 documents as follows (will be used to submit your business to the top business aggregators online):

        Federal Tax License Letter (submit the letter that includes your id number, name, address and/or phone number of business)
        State, County, or City Business License or Sales Tax License
        Doing Business As License
        Fictitious Name Registration

Your uploaded document must contain the following:

        Business Name
        Address 1

Security of your business information

I understand that the security of your information is important to you. Therefore, I guarantee you that your uploaded documents will be used only for submission and updating of your businesses information as described above. I personally handle all work and do not outsource anything! Therefore, I can guarantee that your data is handled properly and legally.

I am a permanent USA resident and legal citizen born in the US and am bound by, and adhere to all US laws and regulations.

Your documents will be stored only as long as it takes for me to upload them in the proper places. All of your documents will be securely destroyed once this process has been completed.

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