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    Chronic pain is a silent hurricane that effects more people than you would think. Myself included I suffer from chronic pain and i have for over 5 years. It wasn't until about 6 months ago when i went to a pain rehabilitation center for a straight 5 weeks. From 8 in the morning to 4 in the evening, We reviewed physical therapy exercises and mental exercises that targeted the sources of my chronic pain.
 Within this program I witnessed people go from wheelchairs to fully walking at normal speed. Understandable this took them a great deal of effort on their part, and also a great deal of time. Strangely enough Almost every problem caused with chronic pain was treated the same. The whole philosophy behind it was to get you to the normal of what people can do.
 I will give you a run down of my problems and how they helped me overcome them so you can have a good understanding of how it works. Years ago i suffered from a major concussion that left me so confused i could barely see straight. This went on for about 2 months before i was back to the "normal" but i always suffered with a chronic headache. About 2 months later i got another concussion, then another, then another. I had gotten a total of 5 concussions which ended up giving me daily migraines and headaches that were just getting worse. Then April 15th 2016 I dove into a pool from the diving board and smashed my head on the bottom. A few snaps and pops in my neck and shivers in my whole body left me paralyzed under the water. I don't really know how long it was until i was able to move my hands and feet, but i struggled to get to the surface with the little motion i had. A few hours after climbing to the side of the pool I was sent to the hospital. Yes i know i should have gone right away, but the people there apparently did not feel like that protocol was necessary even when the whole top of my head was bald and bleeding from the severe impact at the bottom of the pool. So months went by where i couldn't function because my back and neck were always shooting pain signals to the rest of my body, and my migraines couldn't allow me to even have the simplest conversation with someone. By the end of each day all i did was go home and go to sleep.
 Maybe some of this may sound familiar to you, most of the time it does. But During my stay at the Pain rehabilitation center they gave me countless ways to help with the pain. You know that fun old rate your pain scale? Well mine went from a number 8 to a number 4 in overall pain. This was also just in 5 weeks, because now my pain is about a 2 and its still dropping!
 So in this $15 program i will be giving you all the necessary tools to manage your pain and maybe even get rid of it all together. I will give to you mental exercises and physical exercises that will target your pain and allow you to live how you want to. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] for any questions.  

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