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Everyone has the ability to get to the top. Some get there by luck, some get there by skill, and some are stuck, unable to climb from where they currently are.
 Most of the time it is not due to skill, but due to the way they build their items in accordance with the game they are in.
 In this service we provide you with the 3 best possible build strategies for 5 champions of your choice. These builds are carefully calculated using a computer software that optimizes your champion To your desired play style.
 Ordering this service you will receive 15 total builds, and 15 total rune page setups, 3 for each champion of your choice. You will also get a brief description of when to use each build depending on your opponents.
 With 24hr delivery you can jump right into your games using the top of the line builds provided shortly after your order.

Last but not least-
Good Luck On The Rift!
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