I will create some beautiful 3D Models just for you!

Graphics & Design/3D & 2D Models
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Small man on the moon
Small butterfly hill
Small tree lp 620
Small man on the moon
Small butterfly hill
Small tree lp 620
If you're looking for some fun, fantastic, and beautifully simple models then I'm your 3D Artist!

Skip out on scouring the internet marketplaces, up-sells galore, or freelancers who clearly don't understand what you want, just toss me your design idea and let's get started!

It is my goal to work with you to ensure you are 100% happy as I just want to dig into your idea and get some creations going to help get you what you need done with good quality in a timely manner.

I can create low poly, simple to decently advanced models with anything ranging from characters, nature, weapons, props of various sorts and even game ready assets!

What's Included:
  • 3D Model
  • UV Map
  • Texture & Materials¬†
  • Beautifully Rendered Image

NOTE #1: I will be offering Rigging and Animations soon but this will be an optional extra and everything else will still automatically be included to keep it very quick and affordable for all.

NOTE #2: I can model most requests but if I think your project is too complex for my skill level I will advise you of this ahead of time.

NOTE #3: With all the above said if you have any questions, concerns, or are unsure just message me and I will respond to you promptly.
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I'm Kade Markoux of Skywolf Game Studios a Blender 3D Artist, Freelancer, and Indie Game Developer.

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