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Have a large list of domains you want to...

...quickly pull domain metrics for? Easy.

...quickly pull Anchor Text breakdowns for? Not so easy (on your own).

...quickly pull Archive.org history for? Even tougher (on your own).

With this gig, I'll provide you all of the above for up to 5,000 individual domains.

Check out the example video: https://www.screencast.com/t/KjXy0PTyyYe

Your final excel file will list each domain in its own row and will have the following metrics associated with it:

- Majestic Tust Flow
- Majestic Citation Flow
- Majestic External Backlinks
- Majestic External Linking Domains
- Majestic EDU Linking Domains
- Majestic GOV Linking Domains
- Majestic # IP Addresses From Backlinks
- Majestic # C Class Subnets
- Majestic # of Anchor Text Variations
- Top 20 Most Used Anchor Text
- A Quick View of Archive.org History for Each of The Past 20 Months

There is no better way to QUICKLY filter down a domain list to see which domains are worth your time.

Make finding a needle in the haystack MUCH easier. Order before someone else grabs those domains before you do!

Check out the example video: https://www.screencast.com/t/KjXy0PTyyYe

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