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Walk on videos are all the rage, a video spokesperson or avatar can dramatically increase your conversions and keep people on your website which increases your "on the website time" which is now a Google as Seo ranking factor. We can create 2D, 3D, or live person video spokespersons that can go directly on your website, either on one page or all your pages.
14 Years ago I bought my first "Walkon Video" From a company in the states and put it on this website.   http://fitnessbootcampscanada.com/ I got a 33% Increase in conversions On my site and started making extra $20,000 a month because of that.

I finally found a process where I can offer these to my clients and now on Fiverr. My guarantee is to make sure that yours looks amazing and has a great strategy to create and increase conversions on your website. Message me if you have any questions before you buy.

We been in business doing this for 20 years and are in Canada you can trust us.

3 different Levels - Basic 2D avatar | Silver 3D Avatar | Premium Live Spokes person
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