50 Tumblr Posts (Embeds/Links/Articles) - YouTube & Google Map Embeds!

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Its no secret that TUMBLR is one of the top 2.0s in terms of POWER and TRUST FLOW.

For the first time ever, I am offering my personally managed and aged TUMBLR network.

FACT: NOBODY on KonKer is offering this service!


What you get:
  • 50 Posts on 50 Unique Tumblr Accounts - Tumblr is one of the most powerful Web 2.0 platforms (DA99, TF92)
  • INCLUDED: You may provide up to (2) total URLS or (1) Embed and (1) URL to be placed inside your Tumblr posts.
  • INCLUDED: Niche relevant syndicated content surrounding your embed on each Tumblr post.
  • OR: You can provide your own content, spin tax accepted!
  • Access to my fully managed Tumblr network, kept personally by ME!
  • Posts on fully aged accounts - these accounts have been receiving dripped content over the last 12 months minimum, and therefore have a very low deletion rate!
  • A report with all active URLs from your order
  • All for less than .75 cents per post!
Are these posts all on the same accounts, or separate ones?
All posts are 100% on unique Tumblr accounts.

How long does this take?
All posts are dripped out over a 5-7 day period to look as natural as possible.

Is content included?
Yes, we provide a unique piece of niche specific, syndicated content for each post we provide. We will also accept your article with spintax should you prefer to provide one.

What if a few posts are no longer active on delivery?
Just let us know, and we will be happy to replace them! We stand by every single post, and will over deliver 5-10 posts most of the time, just in case this happens.

Will Tumblr delete my posts in the future?
Highly unlikely because I personally dripped content to them WITHOUT backlinks for the last 6 months, getting them primed and ready for you, my fellow Konker user! These accounts have aged and passed the test of time.

What about the Tumblr redirect? Doesn't that prevent link juice from flowing?
I used to be worried about the same thing... Until I started testing it myself - and saw that my money sites were still seeing significant gains. Don't believe me? Check out this independent case study:

So I can add URLS to my order, along with my video or map embed?
That's right! We allow you to provide (1) URL and ANCHOR TEXT that will get linked on every post we make for you. For maps, citations work GREAT for an extra boost. For a video, including a link to the money site itself or social accounts also will provide a lot of added power. If you do not wish to include an embed, you may provide two URLs and Anchors for your posts.

That's (1) embed and (1) link to your URL on EVERY post we make for you!

Buy with confidence. Thanks for viewing my gig!
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