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 Promote on Twitter to a combined over 620 active followers who are passionate about gaming and looking for the next cool thing!

Followers' Personalities
  • Fans are between ages 10- 17
  • Love video games such as GTA V, Garry's Mod, and Call of Duty
  • Express Passion for Anime
  • Many Have Their Own Youtube Channels
  • Love My Pages! I Get Multiple Direct Messages From Fans Every Day

These are Kids Who Want Cool Stuff!


What Twitter Accounts Will Promote My Product?

@vanossquotes & @nannersquotes. Check them out!

Is This Worth It?

Do you make more than $5 per sale? You only need 1 sale to get your investment back! However, you will likely get more considering this is your target audience and have a good relationship with my pages!

Don't Delay! I will NOT advertise often!
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