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Never worry if you looking for WORDPRESS plus THEME installation or an E-COMMERCE solution. You are in the right place.

Get one of these 3 promotional packages

1. BABY:  WordPress and theme installation at your hosting. ($50 only), this includes full installation, explaining how it's done for you to know in the future, providing screen sharing video of the whole process to know exactly what you have been missing

2. TEEN: In this, you will get a professional website with up to 10 pages, in which I will upload your content, get everything nice and smooth, this too will be 100% responsive, for mobile, tablet. (250$) I will assist you all the way through skype, google hangouts or any preferred communication method, I'm a fluent English speaker, you can tell me anything you need, we will have a super friendly conversation <3

3. MATURE: I will setup an e-commerce platform for you to start selling immediately. Up to 20 products, even more on demand, I will set you up with the payment methods, such as PayPal, cash, credit card, wire. Also, will set up the shipping costs, the information clients receive on their order and much more

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