Low Cost Citation Scan, Current Keyword Ranking Scan & Full Website Audit Report

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I have compiled an assortment of mini reports that are perfect for any SEO agency.
These are great for approaching any potential client with.  

I have personally went out and obtained clients using just these materials...

- Website keyword scan (finding 20 currently ranked keywords with search volume & more)
- Directory scan / citation scan (client end)
- Directory scan / citation scan (competitor end)
- FULL website audit scan (very in depth report card of client's website and social profiles)
  i. URL
  ii. Title/Meta Tags
  iii. Image Analysis
  iv. Header Tags
  v. Content Analysis
  vi. Code Analysis
  vii. Mobile Analysis
  viii. Social Analysis
  ix. Ranking Analysis
  x. Link Analysis
- Top 20 referring domains (service will be available shortly)
- Top 20 backlinks (service will be available shortly)
- Anchor text report (service will be available shortly)

All this material is very POTENT if used appropriately.  Not all businesses are the same, so there is no guarantee that presenting such material to them will get them to sign up for your services.
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