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Hey Everyone! What you will receive is a TF 15-25 Permanent Homepage Post directly from a brand new network I've built. All PBNs are just as footprint free as my own personal PBN network is.
Max posts per PBN is 20 just as I teach at

What You Get

  • Your post put on one of my TF (trust flow) 15-25 PBNs.
  • These PBNs have a strong focus on being as footprint free as possible.
  • You Can Choose From The Following Majestic Topical Trust
    • Arts
    • Business
    • Computers
    • Games
    • Health
    • Recreation
    • Reference
    • Regional
    • Science
    • Shopping
    • Society
    • Sports

Please Read Before Ordering:

  • What you will be purchasing is having me put one of your posts on a TF 15-25 PBN
  • You need to provide your own article in HTML format with it's links and anchors exactly as you want them.
  • Please do not ask me to choose the anchor for you, or give you advice on the post. This gig is specifically for you to have a post put on one fo my PBNs, therefore I'll paste your post exactly as it is.
  • The topical trust you pick must be one of the general categories listed under the "what you get" area of this sales page. You cannot choose a subtrust (sub category) within those topical trusts.
  • If you order any of the extras, they are dripfed. This means it takes up unto the duration the extra specifies for all the posts to be posted.
  • In order to keep the network as secure as possible you will NOT receive the URL your post is. This ensures no one is trying to poach anyone else's keywords and helps to keep your $ site(s) a secret from prying eyes. Since you know prior to ordering that I always stick to my word, you don't need to worry about your post actually getting posted but once again, you will not get a URL to view it, or anything else. 

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