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Welcome to my Authority Niche/Competitor Niche SEO Keyword research service,

I have been online doing internet marketing since 2001. I have been member of Corey's Rudl Internet Marketing Center, have done Adsense sites, Micro-Niche sites, YouTube Marketing and much more.

That led me to understand one thing:

No matter what you do for your online marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing or even marketing your local business online --- you need to get ideas for content that will generate traffic and income for your business. And in order to get ideas, you need KEYWORDS!

If you can't find great kewyords for your SEO and content marketing strategies, this service is for you.

I will analize your competitors or authority website in your niche and give you all the organic keywords that the domain is ranking for in Google.

You will discover hidden opportunities, by targeting these terms and never run out of content strategies. Because in today's internet world, you really need to publish content people want to read.

What other best way you have to discover the keywords for your content than...secretly "STEALING" the ideas from your competitor website or Authority niche site --- they did all the research for you and are ranking for hundreds or even thousands of search terms.

Now, you can reverse their success and replicate it for your website or niche...

Just give me the domain of the site and I will send you report with:

  • the keywords
  • positions
  • monthly search volume

See extra for spying on more domains (either authority sites in your niche or your competitor)...

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over 6 years ago
Excellent service!
almost 7 years ago
almost 7 years ago
Delivered next day. Huge number of keywords with stats. Very pleased!
almost 7 years ago

Thank you so much for your repeated order. Hope you will make some nice authority niche sites with thousands of keywords sprinkled in your content for search engines to rank you for all the possible terms. Good luck and keep it up! Nice buyer!

Online Almost 6 years ago



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I have been doing internet marketing since 2001. And I have tried a lot of things like affiliate marketing, adsense site creation, YouTube video marketing, SEO and much more. But I can tell you that if you can not do proper SEO Keyword research in your Niche market, you will not succeed!

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