I will convert your flat 2D design into a professional 3D book, CD/DVD design

Graphics & Design/3D & 2D Models
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 It is a well-established truth that 3D appearance of a product like book, box, cd, DVD carries a more visual impact rather than a plain ordinary 2D design in web marketing, advertising, web header or in sales pages...

I will create a 3d ebook cover with a transparent or colored background!

This gig does not include any designing  of book cover or any other cover. it is exclusively for converting flat 2D predesignated cover to 3D cover only (check extra gig for a 2D book cover design).

I will create professional 3D:

  • ebook covers (more than 8 types, different angles)
  • software box
  • product box
  • CD/ DVD covers

Just send the flat 2D design and see the MAGIC!! 

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I've been working in the SEO and online marketing industry since 2008. Your order will be delivered fast since I'm almost 12 hours/day online. Order with confidence. You won't be disappointed!

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