DONE FOR YOU - GOOGLE STACKS V2.0 ( ★★With Google Cloud Backlink★★)

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13 days on average


Let Google's Trust & Authority work in your Favor

Example :

Don't get swayed away by Recommendations & Reviews, Check & Compare the end results before Investing.


Some Awesome Features of Google Stacks Service:

  • 100% Manually Handmade Tier 1 Profiles.
  • An average campaign takes about 8-10 hours so you can image the minute tasks involved in that.
  • Geo Tagged all the Images before using them with NAP details.
  • No Money Site Penalty Guaranteed else
  • Non machine readable DAS profiles involved in package 2 for maximum trust, relevancy and authority boost.
  • Beta Tested by many OMG's & Source Wave members

Do Google Sites Rank too (apart from your Website itself)?

Here's the proof

First 4 Positions ranked by for 3.5 Million Serches/month keyword

Why Hire Us?

  • We are level 6 Seller on Konkor (Previously known as Source Market)
  • Delivered more than 2000+ Orders on Source Market only in last 12 months
  • 99.85% Overall Positive Rating from Satisfied Clients
  • Fast & Efficient Delivery Times
  • Premium Support (15 hrs Support Desk, 7 days a week)
  • Work with 60+ SEO Agencies Worldwide
  • Active Member of OMG, Source University and IFTTT Academy


 Q: Do you provide Reports?

You get 70% reports which includes Logins Details for all your Branded Profiles,Google Sites,IFTTT and Social Signal Screenshots. We can not risk outting our Hi TF sites and Client Information to everyone.

 Q: How about Foreign language Sites?

What About Them? Just Kidding - They're fine but all content will be in English (unless you provide us foreign language content). Feel free to PM us on this.

Q: Is there any chance to get penalized by Google?

If it is possible to penalize any website using Google Stacks or GSA Campaign, then I would penalize my competitors websites first. Thus by penalizing all my competitors websites I would get the top position in search engine easily. So, there is no chance of getting penalized by google for using my Stacking or GSA Search Engine Ranker Campaign.

Q: Do you guys Use Spun content?

We spin a giant master document of spun content related to your niche based on your keywords. (We do a paragraph level, phrase level, then word level spin of each text) Spinning is Spinning and you cannot get the super notch quality as like hand written content. From our testing we have seen that, Spin content works as good in Google Stacks too. We give 100% Google indexing Guarantee of our property which carries the main juice.

Q: You have Extras as well for additional Profile so how should I know which one we order?

Well lets make it simple, for low competition keywords don't burn your dollars and our Standard Package of $75 is fine, for Medium Competition go with Package 2 and for high Competition, we recommend using 20 Profiles Along with Package 2 gig.

Low Competition - Package 1 Recommended
Medium Competition - Package 2 Recommended (10 DAS Profiles in case you want little more boost)
High Competition keywords - Page 2 Recommended along with 20 profiles

Ok I am ready to Order, what information do I need to supply you guys to kick start?

Once ordered, you need to complete the webform at

Q: Probably I can try myself?

Yes you can always try to do it yourself. But let me tell you that there are so many little loopholes which you need to take care to perform a successful campaign. Again its upto you :)

Q:  Can you provide a sample of the Google Sites I will get as a end product.

Yes for sure, you can check out at

Q : Damm, you guys seems costly?

If you have this question in mind then what do you rate yourself working 10-12 hrs on a single campaign. We may be costly (depending on your budget) because we know what value we can bring in to your client for long lasting rankings in SERP's. Thanks.

Don't take it from us

Here's what our customers have to say about our products...

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over 2 years ago
Excellent service and very impressed. This gig would have taken me months to do myself. All articles were very well written. Overall very happy and can't wait to see results. Thank you and i will be back!
over 2 years ago
Great job! The order was completed very quickly. Recommend!
almost 3 years ago
Perfect links! will be adding more soon.
almost 3 years ago
Second large order already - epic service - beautiful work A+
almost 3 years ago
Excellent service! All properties are perfectly build with no mistakes. Yes they're definitely powerful - take a look at the metrics: All the properties are cleverly interlinked as well and there's plain mentions and citations on the pages as well. 10/10
almost 3 years ago
Exactly as advertised. Done on time and done right. Will order again and highly recommended.
almost 3 years ago
Great service and gig. I've ordered multiple times. These guys are the real deal. Stacks are great for client or affiliate projects. Highly recommended.
almost 3 years ago
Great gig. Exactly as advertised. Highly recommended for anyone looking to leverage Google stacks for affiliate or client work.
almost 3 years ago
Not Only Excellent and clean and clear job done but also highly highly professional works. If you want no worries jobs done then I suggest you to CONTACT him!
almost 3 years ago
This is the highest quality G Stack that I've ever seen - or bought on any service! I paid extra for the custom articles, and it was worth it. The article does not have a hint of ESL and reads like a magazine doing a story. PLUS the Seller produced the job despite the fact that a LONG time went by between my purchase and filling in the details to start the job! I would not hesitate to order this service again - and again - and again. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION FROM ME!
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We, at RankJacker started off as a small SEO Agency offering DFY services in 2014 to becoming one of the formidable SEO brands with over 6 years of professional SEO experience serving as a white label SEO consultant for digital marketing agencies throughout the USA.

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